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NOTICE: The Joiku phenomenon in Ylläs reflects the exceptional holiday home market in Lapland

In the village of Äkäslompolo in Ylläs, the Joiku Ski & Lake Chalets complex is getting an extension by Havu Properties Ltd. The pre-sales for the Joiku 2 project began on November 30th. This follow-up project follows in the footsteps of the Joiku 1 project, which was launched in the Spring of 2023.

The second part of Joiku introduces eight new villas to one of Ylläs's most central locations, expanding the area beyond the previous nine villas. The story of Havu Properties began with a passionate connection to Lapland that emerged during the years of the pandemic. The founders of the company were not only enchanted by Lapland's nature but also by the possibilities of recreational living.

"Lapland's nature, purity, and tranquility opened up in an entirely new way. It left a strong emotional imprint and a powerful urge to create a more lasting connection to Lapland," says Tuomas Mäkelä, a partner at Havu Properties Oy.

Havu Properties' first project sold out exceptionally quickly in the spring of 2023. If the signs are accurate, the villas of Joiku's second part are unlikely to stay on the market for long.

Joiku 2 represents Havu Properties Ltd's commitment to sustainable and innovative recreational housing construction. The project responds to the growing demand among Finnish consumers for high-quality holiday homes, combining environmental responsibility with the comforts of modern living. The design emphasizes the beauty and harmony of Lapland's nature, offering residents an experience of luxury, relaxation, and community. Initially, the project was meant to be one-time-thing. However, it soon became clear how people needed a new kind of leisure living that better meets the buyers' wishes. The project, launched under the name Joiku, received enormous attention among buyers, but also in the Finnish media. It turned out that the project, born out of passion, managed to fill a kind of void in the Finnish housing market," continues Tuomas.

The story of Havu Properties continues with the commitment to create and offer quality leisure living concepts in the future as well, which take into account the ease of living, community and appreciation of the surrounding nature. Joiku 2 is the natural next chapter in this story.

Read the article written about the news also in Kauppalehti (1 December 2023)

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